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You are an artist, designer or creative professional and you have a mission.
You fully stand for what you create.

Every morning you move to your studio with a heart full of desire.

Together your heart, mind, and hands transform your artistic driven concepts.

Your struggle is to place your work into the limelight of the right audience.

To present your projects to others (customers, intermediaries, press) with total confidence and conviction.

Touching the right strings.

How do you enchant your audience for your artistic work?

Perhaps you’re convinced that your work speaks for itself?

But what do you do if you attract too few admirers because it is not visible enough to your specific audience?

You’re just in the right place because I can help you especially with that!

Who am I?

I am Charlotte van der Heiden, coach, content creator and designer for artists, creatives and designers.

With Art Core Business, I help you to professionally showcase your work and start to grow your audience. So that it gets more attention and is, therefore, being sold more.

I’ve been fascinated by art throughout my life. In my eyes, artists open conceptual powers and movement in society, but they’re a lot of times poorly rewarded.

That has nothing to do with the quality of their work. The reason is that they are insufficiently visible.

My mission

As a communication specialist and designer myself, I develop an effective branding and marketing strategy for your project or enterprise.

I have the creative talents and experience to translate your artistic work into a strong online presentation or campaign. I take the essence of your work and vision and transform this into a strategic audience magnet.

I am trained at the Ichthus University (Design & Communication) and also the Willem de Kooning Academy (Graphic Design) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

So I know exactly what makes artists and designers work hard and aim high.

With my company Art Core Business, I’ve been working for 12 years with heart and soul for creative minds.

My most beloved customers, whom I love to work with, are film and play directors, master storytellers, composers, architects, co-creators, cultural brokers, culture scouts, art festivals, artists, photographers, brands, fashion designers, writers and filmmakers.

I help them with their:

  • websites,
  • promotional material,
  • artwork,
  • campaigns,
  • concepts,
  • graphic design,
  • marketing strategies,
  • corporate identity,
  • social media strategie,
  • newsletters,
  • and recurring texts.

Why do I do this?

Because you deserve it

Creatives open the doors of our souls and get us out to play. They create new realms with fresh concepts, views and aesthetics.

I want to help them grow their influence, develop themselves in doing business so that they earn good money with the work that only they can manifest.


I want to help you, showing yourself to the world with confidence. Because you are convinced of the value you give and share with the world.

Your dreams

I show you that it’s possible to work in peace and trust. You will learn and experience that you can earn enough money with the work you do. So you can set up your personal freedom goals, are on your way to fulfill your wishes and lead an rich artistic life.

What’s in it for you?

  • that your mission in your work becomes of more important.
  • that you have noticeable impact.
  • that you can reach your specific audience and they’ll love you.
  • that your community is going to grow.
  • that people are eager for your concepts.
  • that you can get your inspiration from anywhere in the world without worrying whether it’s financially achievable.

My own struggle

Like many children, I wanted to please my parents. At first I did not go to the Art Academy but chose the study of Design & Communication. As an artist, you can’t earn money right? My choice of city fell right on Rotterdam, in 1993. Because I could sense new possibilities in the skies above the empty townscapes and felt the earth revolt of the renewal that was coming.

After my first study, I took a job as a creative desktop publisher at a wholesaler. But the creative hunger remained. I had to do creative work.

After a lot of saving of money and confidence I did admission for the Willem de Kooning art academy in Rotterdam. I could not stop crying during my graduation presentation: I had made my dreams come true.

I immediately set up my office NEST Design and Communication agency in Rotterdam. I joined the creative network New Garde Rotterdam to strengthen my network and worked day and night to get NEST DC agency on it’s feet. Soon I received assignments from the municipality of Rotterdam, the municipality of  Rijswijk and culture scouts besides other creative assignments.

When I found the most amazing boyfriend I could wish for, a wonderful family soon arose with two smart ass little baby daughters. At that point the financial crisis erupted. I started my NEST DC agency to live my mission. But now I was broke trying to keep a sane mind.

I had to invest time, energy and money into an unlikely transformation: back to where the essence of my talents lie.

Coaching programs with Laura Babeliowsky, Zarayda Groenhart, Hillary Rusford and Dolly Heuveling van Beek helped me redesign my business and upgrade my skills. I got smart tools and insights to grow my business back up again.

Now I unite my three biggest talents.


Of course, the love for 2D, print and vector has never disappeared. The aesthetics, the symbolism, the concepts, the sense of material, colour and composition. Just name it. It could all stay. Here I got my Concept and Creation super powers. And I like to share those with you.


From the beginning of my studies I’ve researched the influence of the computer on human paradigm, the internet, upcoming social media. I even got my boyfriend from a social network.

What an exciting time to live! I so much enjoy all new features and possibilities it’s like magic. I now can connect with people that are interested in my own topics. It’s a good thing I have family too 😉

With all this research and working experience I also have a super power called Marketing Meta Vision. This means I can with ease combine media and concepts in one marketing strategy.


I always had great pleasure during my coaching activities and guidance of my clients over the past 25 years. To really bring my clients and trainees to the next level, make the right impact at the right time when they where ready for it.

I often get the feedback that it really made a big difference in their proces and results. And those comments always make me glow!

Over the last 12 years, I have taken various municipalities, architects, co-creators, cultural organizations, master storytellers, directors, documentary makers, brands, designers and creative entrepreneurs into their new marketing, branding and online strategies.

These three powers I’ve united in Art Core Business. I give training, coaching and advice to artists and designers who struggle with sales and finding their specific audience.

In this space I can apply all my passions and add something of value to this world from the shimmering Rotterdam.

Why artists and designers?

I’ve specifically chosen to help artists and designers because I’m one myself.

I think they deserve reinforcement.

At the art academy, you’re not prepared for entrepreneurship. You may learn how you write an offer and invoice and where you can buy the book where your rights are written in. But that is not enough.

You as a creator are valuable to this world. But these values aren’t always enough shown.

Simply because we get told so many times that if you really have to do this ‘creative thing’ it must be a hobby and there’s no need to getting paid for that.

Well let’s turn that around. Let’s start telling and showing stories about why this matters most of all in a very smart way. So it will be the normal way te talk about art and design with the right kind of audience.

It doesn’t have to be that you have to spend your entire life ‘starving like an artist‘ or need to be subsidized because you have chosen the arts.

A happy artist is not by definition a poor artist, on the contrary. We just forgot in this last 100 years that it’s an entrepreneurship too.

And only you have the power to redesign your stories and strategy to enchant your audience.

Rotterdam, the place to be

With full persuasion and joy, I live and work in Rotterdam.

The Netherlands is bursting with creative minds and professionals and that makes it a great place to live.

Living for art is becoming more and more a survival art for many.

And that makes me frustrated.

Because it can be different.

And I can show you how.

Rock your Glow!